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Renée Athay Bio

Renee Athay, Narrates beginning and end of the film.
Renee grew up convinced she was a mustanenée also grew up believing she was a wild mustang.

Renée grew up with horses. Renee also grew up believing she was mustang.

She told her childhood friends she had to be a mustang because of her large nostrils–a fact she has yet to confirm–hers or theirs.
Renée met Onyx near Zion National Park. Onyx is the matriarch of band of rescued mustangs from the Sulphur Herd on the Utah/Nevada border. Onyx became Renéeʼs coach and taught her how to run with passion. As an ultra-runner, Renée is never without Onyx–legs, heart, wild spirit, and voice.