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WILD HORSES IN WINDS OF CHANGE, a film by Mara LeGrand  of Skydancer Productions had it’s world premiere in Hollywood at the Egyptian Theatre via ARTIVIST film festival, on Dec. 2.


Followed by winning a Los Angeles Movie Award.

Both of these honors came as a big surprise because their submission was not sought out.

The film is a soulful portrayal of America’s wild horses facing extinction in the wild.

Captivating the audience with alluring photography of wild horses running free on the range, the thirty minute eco- documentary is by turns,  heart breaking and heart warming as  numerous experts expose  myths, lies, and betrayals to  our truest and most helpful companion animal of all times.

The film will make the rounds to many film festivals around the country, including the U.K., Canada, New Zealand and to Europe over the next year.  Negotiations for network and distribution acquisition have begun but until that deal is signed the DVD is available for public screenings.

LeGrand explains: “ A thirty minute format holds the audience attention and allows time for a panel of experts to present, explore and explain sustainable initiatives for the wild horses.  The timing is critical to get the masses involved in creating a movement to save America’s mustangs on the range and change the way they are managed. My last award winning film, HEART AND SOIL, became a leader in the movement toward local – sustainable agriculture and I believe this wild horse film also has the potential to educate and motivate people to action.

It’s as much about ecological issues we need to solve, as it is about the plight of America’s wild horses.  LeGrand explains.  It’s a complex subject to craft into thirty minutes so in this case I felt like I needed a narrative to make it as educational and informative as I could.  It’s not full of talking heads – just wise ones: wild horses and a few people.

Mara LeGrand wears a Ben Nighthorse silver and black onyx horse necklace to all red carpet events and film openings.   “  I wear it, I suppose, like some people wear a cross or a Star of David.  I want the energy of the horse, close to me when I’m representing their cause.  I want others to know I love and respect the wild horses and I’m carrying their world on my shoulders.

I found this horse pendant at Sorrel Sky Gallery in my hometown of Durango Colorado.  I felt it had a magnetic energy that must have come from an artist who loves horses.  Of course, with a name like Nighthorse, one would expect that, but …… I didn’t even associate that until later.  I bought it because I could feel the “chi”  in it  and I was drawn to it’s intricately, crafted beauty, “ says LeGrand.

To learn more about the film go  to www.wildhorsesinwindsofchange.com or check us out on FACEBOOK.

Joining Filmmaker LeGrand at the screening was Mary Ann Simonds, a well known, equine behaviorist. In her starring role in the film, Simonds thoughtfully tells an unfolding story about what led to this current  crises as she provides wise insights into new management ideals and goals.

Mara LeGrand like Mary Ann Simonds has an education steeped in biological sciences and Holistic Healing.  “When I heard Mary Ann begin to speak I knew I’d found a kindred spirit and a voice I’d like to have in my film.   Like everything in filmmaking and horsemanship, you get a sense right away if it’s a good match or not.   Mary Ann is one of the many dynamic women and spirited sisters, I’ve met on this film making journey, “ says LeGrand