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Sustainable solutions are critical for all of our eco-system, not withstanding America’s wild horses. The human race has created mayhem for our environment and it’s creatures and now needs to use great wisdom to un-wind over a century of self serving, politics and decisions that have led to this horror for the horses.

Warning Corporate Cows Compete for all range resources.

Cheap Grazing rights for Livestock, mean death to America's wild horses.

As cattle-man and grazing groups push for slaughter, hunters lobby for the right to shoot them on the range while others propose euthanasia for a large percentage of the horses now held in long term corrals. Slaughter for horses is not a straight forward decision to put them out of their misery because it doesn’t kill the horse right away. The current system used, stuns them, but they are still very much alive when they are hung upside down and bled to death. Slaughter is not a humane solution for America’s wild horses or any horse. Humans are responsible for over-using resources that impact the horse’s free roaming life on the range. In an entangled web of politics, economics and greed, America’s wild horses are bearing the burden for human dominion. The time is now for solutions to manage the species on the range. Return millions of acres of legally given land taken from them for other uses. Stop cruel roundups and find more sustainable ways to manage and study wild horses on the range. Save billions of tax payers dollars by re-working the wild horse management program to be true management of a wild life species with field studies focused on studying both wild horse behavior, social structure, breeding, and habitat study.

There are many efforts toward all of these causes and more. Please refer to the link section and follow the stories that interest you. Sign up to help these organizations pursue their mission and efforts. View the you-tube trailers we’ve posted on this site, to learn more about the situation, the film and the endearing qualities of America’s mustang.   Lanny Leach, a true cowboy,  rancher from Nebraska now full-time horse trainer in Tucson, says in the film ” I think a mustang can be happy in the wild or with humans, but I hope their can always be some left in the wild, as a symbol of our American heritage.”    Go to the links page on this site and follow your choice of a number of political, non-profit- sanctuaries and rescues for wild horses.

Contact Mara if you’d like to sponsor a screening in your community – even a sheet on a barn door is fun.  Show the film, spread the word and call the peaceful soldiers to stand up to guard the land and it’s wildness from destruction by special interest groups.