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Jim wrote:
“The Piute Mountains are east of Bakersfield, CA about 40 miles.  I’ve been an employed and self-employed photographer all my life….retired officially (like photographers ever retire) on 11/21/10 @ 65…..two divorces and 4 houses later, I’m trying a year as a homeless drifter….working pretty well so far. Met some very interesting people.  Horse people are good people  Pam Nickoles and her husband Tom befriended me when I was staying with my brother in Golden last fall.

Jim Westin Photography

They took me on a photo shoot to Sand Wash Basin HMA for a couple days and I was hooked.
My father owned a photography business which I took over for 20 years……commercial/industrial….large format (8×10…..4×5…..2-1/4…..35mm)….advertising stuff, but in a smaller town you become a jack-of-all-trades….so I’ve done a  little bit of everything.”


Mara says:

I look forward to meeting Jim when the film plays somewhere he lands for thirty minutes as in when the film shows at Colorado Horse Rescue in Longmont the first weekend of June.  Will you be in attendance Jim???

At the eleventh hour of the film’s completion I asked Jim if he would put together a montage of wild horse protesters for the end of the film.  As any roving cowboy would do, he cowboy’d up to the task and sent it to me.    I’ll post the montage when I can find it.   I love the light in the photo above. It’s like dancers – ready to bow, after a stage  performance.  Thank you, Jim.

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