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The letter below is from Madeline Pickens as a follow up about the BLM not approving her Eco-Sanctuary. Her proposal  offered a long term sustainable plan that could grow and take more horses and burros over time. It was one of the only plans that could save and give a good life to thousands of mustangs who are already off the range and warehoused as well as prevent another Nevada herd from being rounded up at all.   { Follow our news feed for more information.}

Although Department of Interior, secretary, Salazar has purported an interest in public/private partnerships, when offered one such as this, it was refused.  In addition to non  cooperation they   are never forthcoming about the political pressures behind their decisions.   Regarding this latest news is an  excerpt from a press release sent out by the Humane Society of the U.S.

“The BLM continues to have opportunities to gain ground with the public and to turn its broken wild horse program around, but it continues to deliver self-inflicted wounds,” said Wayne Pacelle, The HSUS’ president and CEO. “The BLM claims that it wants to engage in public-private partnerships, but if the agency refuses to work with a private partner as passionate and creative as Madeleine Pickens, it begs the question: With whom can this agency work?”

What Madeline’s states  in her letter ( posted below )  is a congratulations to Mr Burton of Indiana for speaking out about BLM overspending and mismanagement, as he recommends a budget cut.

I think this rogue agency should have more than a budget cut~ I think they should be replaced.   It’s time for a changing of guards for our public lands. As long as the BLM  remains in  charge of America’s wild horses, I fear no good will come for the horses.

And if their budget is cut but not their power – I  fear they will take it out on the horses.   Madeline Pickens has great intentions plenty of money , as well as dedication to pull off eco-tourism but we all need to  be careful not to lose sight of the bigger problem.  I support her and want her to succeed but we all need to keep an eye on the bigger problem.  The BLM wants to rid the range of wild horses and burros.

The Bureau of Land Management is a land management agency not a horse management agency.  They are inept and managing  an eco-system that includes natural habitat and critters.  They sell permits for others to over-use  the resources of the  land and the wild horses and burros are on the losing end of their priorities.

I recently heard that when an environmental group in Utah, pressured the BLM to pay for an environmental assessment for a film company’s permit, the BLM refused and instead canceled the permit.  The BLM was making money on the  film permits, but rather than work in cooperation with an environmental group, they threw it all away.

Similarly,  If the BLM would have spent money managing range land as an eco-system, this current crisis for the horses could have been prevented.   If their horse management budget all along had included non-biased range land and habitat assessments to include all wild life, including America’s wild horses, they wouldn’t be in this disgusting mess now.

The BLM and the Department of Interior  is who should suffer for messing up – not the horses,burros and  the tax payers.  There are consequences to wrong-action and this is no exception. The question remains at what cost and who will pay the heaviest toll?  I think there’s a lot of us who would pay to help keep the horses on the range ( managed) instead of keeping a few more dollars every year, if the horses are slaughtered.

Moral of the story – Pay attention to all aspects of this mess – support Madeline and others efforts, but be aware that – a budget cut for the horse program could mean mass euthanasia for the horses. Perhaps they’ve planned it all along and Oklahoma on private property is a place where nobody’s watching.

Below is the letter from Madeline from her Saving America’s Mustangs newsletter.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We want to commend Congressman Dan Burton from Indiana who brought BLM’s overspending of taxpayer money on the wild horse program to the floor yesterday in Congress. What tremendous leadership Congressman Burton showed by stepping up with this important issue. His remarks to the Speaker are below. What an admirable member of Congress!

Also, a big thank you to The Humane Society of the United States and their staff for issuing the press release below criticizing the BLM rejection of our eco-sanctuary proposal. Also, to all of our supporters who continue to act as voices for our mustangs, you are all such a huge part of our team. We will persevere!

Please send your appreciation to, Congressman Burton and his staff, as well as the Humane Society of the United States for speaking up. Please continue to share mustang news with the people in your community, friends, and family. This is a great opportunity to send Congressman Burton’s statement to your own state’s elected officials and encourage them to get behind this issue as well.

Very Sincerely,

Madeleine Pickens & all the mustangs

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