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Rick LeGrand is not only a well known builder in Durango but is also an extraordinary landscape photographer. His work has won many awards including the Center for Southwest Studies, Open Shutter, Colorado Council for Arts and Humanities and his work was selected for display at Colorado State Capitol and Denver International Airport. He’s traveled the world searching for images that feed his soul and give him chance to share some of nature’s perfect moments with others. He rose to the occasion of photographing wild horses when I asked him to help me out for a few shoots. He’s so technically astute that even the first time out he delivered some beautiful and engaging shots. Rick is the third being from the left in the Crocodile Dundee hat.   They say Llamas and horses don’t like each other and when meeting each other on a trail, llamas should be moved aside.  I’ve seen them go up to each other in an open pasture and my neighbor said one lost and lonely jumped over the fence to hang out and dine with his horses and he’s taken up permanent residence since.

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