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I came to meet Susan Williams when she was hanging her mystical horse photography at a gallery in

Susan Willams: Introduction

Durango CO. I bought a copy of “Horse as Teacher”, a book she and several other wise and authentic horse women contributed to. My heart met the hearts of the women writers as well as the horses who touched, taught and inspired their lives to unfold. Susan Williams tells us how WindhorseOne studios, the company she developed to produce her painterly photographs, was born into creation when she realied how the horses had feed her soul. Besides being a gifted artist and photographer, Susan is generous soul and spiritual woman who helps many horse causes. I took she and her husband to the Spring Creek Wild Horse herd area for a mystically drawn day of wlld horse video and photography. She in turn offered me the use of several of the still photos she captured that day. I invite you to visit www.windhorseone.com where you are drawn into her soulful and visionary photographic portraits of horses