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Showing the documentary at Barn Storming events,  builds community for the horses and raises money for your favorite cause.  Reach out to local groups and venues for sponsorship.  If you carry a torch for the wild horse – shine it far and wide, to gather a greater band and further reaching beacon of light.   Band together and be he force of the horse.

Heart & Soil, a film about sustainable, local agriculture, continues to have a lot of public screenings around the country and is broadcast regularly on The Documentary Channel.   After it’s run of film festivals it became popular among local foodie and farming  groups, earth day celebrations, seeding and harvest parties,  farmer’s markets, farm to school and school garden programs.  It is at many of the countries universities  and is shown as part of an interdisciplinary curriculum at major universities across the country..  The groups who had sponsors showed it in  their local cinemas but many groups used the DVD and projected it in many venues — including sheets on  barns .  The film screenings are often followed by panel discussions.  I like to include a mix of people on these panels.

For the wild horses film consider, environmental groups, animal advocates generally, owners of burros and mustangs, rescue organizations, ecologists, well selected equine vets, conservations and when you think about it – you’ll likely come up with more ideas.

I’ve come to like the concept of “barn raising” showings because both films, are centered in nature and  animals connected to the land.  It’s kind of ECO -Like  to encourage an audience to join the animals characters in the film in their own environment.

Colorado Horse Rescue will show off some of their mustangs that have been rescued and rehabbed after the screening of the film at their Open House the first weekend of June.

What’s been encouraging for me is that Wild Horses film  was invited to have a world premiere at the Egyptian theater after they mysteriously got hold of a rough cut of the film.  They show film’s about animal advocacy so reached out to me.  I had no connections in DC either and actually submitted it to that festival before I realized it wasn’t the  Politics and Film festival I was looking for.  They told me they received 2,000 submissions and somehow Wild Horses …… WHIWOC is among the 110 finalists.  So — it shows that urbanites have some awareness and concern for this issue.  The more social networking that can be done for this film gives it a better chance of being known by decision makers at F. F. and those who may want to broadcast it or host public screenings.

It’s a long haul – to promote an indie film  but what I”ve learned is that once momentum begins…. it can continue for years.

I hope the wild horse advocates realize what a great tool this film can be – to  attract more  “activist advocates .”   The general public needs more education – and insight into the entire issue not just the  horror of round ups and the show down going on between advocates and the BLM.  They will no so easily fall for the BLM and cattle industry propaganda if they are educated.   The horses need educated advocates, not just sympathizers and screamers.

If you’d like to be a sponsor of a film screening in your town, ask your local arts theater or venue  about their willingness to help.  They  may show it free or for a discount.  If they need to charge, find out if they’re willing to help promote the film showing and see if you can find a sponsor to pay for the venue, the publicity and the public performance rights for the film.  I’ve kept the cost for a screening license as low as  $100.00.  Consider all the costs of advertising and hosting an event,  find sponsors to pay for those costs and then sell tickets and make money for your favorite cause.

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