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It’s the last block of films in the festival and the 250 seat theater is nearly sold out.  So if anyone wants to get tickets, act soon.  If you let me know I can put you on the list for a block of tickets for $5.00 each, otherwise they are $10.00   Many NFL players and fans will be at this showing so my goal of this film reaching beyond the “horse advocate camp” has begun.

I told the director of the DC Independent Film Festival that I was concerned that my film was in a block of other films all related to sports.  I was told that this documentary  just kept rising to the top of films they really wanted to show.  She used words like beautiful and extraordinary to describe how they felt about it.   However it’s length didn’t fit into their Environmental section so they had to figure out  how to put it in some how, some way, some where.  Consequently they selected the segment of sports films, filled with NFL players.   Wouldn’t it be great to have a cheer leading section there for the wild horses also?

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