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“Wild Horses in Winds of Change” is a beautifully crafted documentary. It shines a bright light on our society and what it values (and doesn’t). Many documentaries point the finger of blame, and showcase all that has been done wrong. This film offers and inspires new alternatives, while it calls on us to look at ourselves and our culture and our deeper values, without implying guilt. The film artfully portrays the broken spirit in the eyes of the wild horses, but also reflects a broken spirit in ourselves that truly needs healing. As we help our wild brethren, we are also helping ourselves… there is no separation.

Wild Horses in Winds of Change” calls to us to be guardians of the natural world, as well as the wild part that is deep inside all of us. –And it does so with heart and inspiration.

Tony Stromberg, Photographer http://www.tonystromberg.com

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