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11 Responses to “Heroes for the Wild Horses:”

  1. Mar Wargo

    06. Jul, 2011

    Very much like her. A lovely portrait of my friend and colleague. She is an inspiration and a legend in the making. mar

  2. Yvonne Allen

    06. Jul, 2011

    Very inspiring woman and awesome writing to portray her greatness.

  3. nana

    06. Jul, 2011

    well written … yes, a true inpiration !!

  4. Rebecca Lee

    06. Jul, 2011

    Laura Leigh has a heart of gold and is a true inspiration!!

  5. Diane Bachman

    06. Jul, 2011

    What a wonderful story of dedication and sacrifice. Thank you Laura, for all that you do.

  6. Janet Ferguson

    07. Jul, 2011

    Laura don’t forget calcium and Vitamin C and E. Send her vitamins! (Not that she seems to need them!)

  7. [...] written by SkyDancer and reprinted from Wild Horses in the Winds of Change [...]

  8. Michelle Brown

    08. Jul, 2011

    Laura Leighs is one hell of a lady ! On the frontline with other brave collegues, the truth behind all of this horror. Please stay safe.

  9. Laura Klutey

    09. Jul, 2011

    She is the Angel trying to keep her charges safe………..

  10. HorseOf Persia

    09. Jul, 2011

    I am honored , bless you ,
    I am honored that you read my page in Face Book ,
    This is also my Blog :http://thepersianhorse.wordpress.com/
    PH (HorseOf Persia) .

  11. christine peniaranda

    12. Jul, 2011

    the blm doesn’t dare harm Laura-everyone would know who did it!!! yes, she is a gift to this world.

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