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Saving America’s Mustangs

When I began making Wild Horses In Winds of Change I kept coming across people who insisted on telling me that slaughter in this country was the best solution for this mounting problem of the mustangs and so many “unwanted” horses.   I forced myself to look deeper into the slaughter issue.  Wouldn’t a fast, painless death be better for the horses than a life time of idleness in long term holding or going through the horrid conditions of shipment and slaughter in Mexico and Canada?   I asked what happened to the bulls eye shot the old cowboys used to put down their beloved horse?  I learned there are many problems with slaughtering a horse.  One is the stun gun used does not kill them so they are drained of blood and skinned alive as their hooves are butchered off.  Horses by  nature are exceedingly sensing of feelings in the air and among the other horses and people around them.  Slaughter is a violent act done by people who are desensitized to what violence means – and a horse feels it all.   I’m certain they suffer  heart break from their  betrayal in the hands of humans, who in some cases have been their closest companions.  Slaughter is an industry designed for efficiency and the  bottom line.  No matter what proponents of slaughter plants say about making it better for the horses – it’s still brutal murder in the first degree and an old excuse for taking care of a problem we’re embarrassed to admit we created.    I believe animals are our great teachers and the horse cuts to the heart and soul of our consciousness and growth as human beings.   I  believe many humans have the resources, heart and intelligence to find inspired solutions if they’re willing to adjust that old guard way of thinking and not give into despair along the journey.  Just think there’s only 3 letters more in the word guardian as there is in guard.  I hope this means we’re only 3 short steps away from “brilliant” solutions.   It doesn’t take a perfect world for us to step up as guardians  – and retire the boots and artillery of the  old guard.

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