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Understanding the Personality of your Horse

As some of you know, besides being a writer and filmmaker I am also an Ayurveda practitioner.  Ayurveda is considered the Mother of all Healing and it is literally translated to mean Ayur ( life) veda ( science).  It is said that ancient wise men/women asked God – to tell them why people , animals and plants got sick and suffered and  “God” hearing their earnest request delivered  a timeless and vast body of wisdom to help them and all who wanted to  understand and heal suffering.

In contemplating how my background of Ayurvedic medicine fits into my film about America’s wild horses, I’ve come to a few Ah haa  moments.  The first is that Ayurveda is perhaps the most holistic system of medicine and healing there is and includes all beings, plants and elements  as an integral part of a whole universe.   It’s principles clearly teach that with  the demise of any piece of this whole system, we lose our integrity and wellness.  I pose questions in the film about the harmfulness of  this destructive, calloused and cruel  treatment of horses and burros as a blight on our humanity and our future wellness as a species.

Wild animals  exist in realms that we are not able to cross into, but have the great fortune to observe.     Although some people see and speak about the cruelty of nature, the natural world has an amazing intelligence and balance on it’s own and wild life has  a remarkable ability to maintain balance and adapt to nature’s ever changing conditions.

A person can be any religion and still use practical Ayurveda principles in  their life. It’s a science of life, not a religion and is  all about being aware of and finding balance to maintain good health.

We are mystified by  horses and are aware they carry many wondrous energies for opening hearts and healing us.  Equine therapy programs abound and show astonishing results.   There is communion with a force of nature, a deep listening and surrender apparent in all of these deeply healing stories.   I’m interested in delving in to  this exploration and welcome  your comments about what specifically there is about horses that help us heal?   I hope you will share  your own story with us.

And meanwhile,  lets have a little fun sharing the personality of your horse with us.

In Ayurveda there are 3 dominating doshas called VATA, PITTA and KAPHA.  These Doshas ( humors,) are constitutional types derived from the influencing predominance of air, wind, earth, water, and fire.  These five elements are the basis for all of life’s energies to exist.  Everything in life is influenced by these  elemental laws of physics.

Ayurveda has a rule of thumb when building a perfect team.  First you need a VATA to swing in with the wind , bringing ideas and energy to get things moving.  Then you introduce a Pitta person, who say’s “Good idea VATA”  but let’s get organized and execute a plan.  As Vata gets disenchanted with too much imposed discipline and structure – we send in a Kapha, who says. “Brilliant idea, Vata, Excellent Execution Pitta, now it’s time to relax a bit and set a steady pace so nobody burns out.”

This little tidbit about balance plays out in every aspect of our life style choices, including what temperaments are best for us in relationships and even with our pets.

I’d like to hear from you how and if you see how your horses tendencies balance your own.   For example – I know a shy girl, whose spirited horse will only settle down when she’s around.  I’ve heard horses called, sweet and lumbering, which are Kapha characteristics. A high strung, nervous horse that is light footed and lean would seem more Vata while a curious, exceptionally smart, industrious horse  would be exhibiting a Pitta ( fire) nature.  So the question is how does the temperament of your horse align or balance yours?

Let’s  figure out if you have a VATA, PITTA or KAPHA dominated horse in addition to a quick preview of your own VATA, PITTA Or Kapha nature.  Observe and Write down characteristics and we’ll all be part of this fun and valuable exploration.



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