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After meeting Brandi Turner on Face Book and then personally at the screening of Wild Horses In Winds of Change at Zuma’s rescue ranch, I wanted to know what motivated her determination and dedication. Observing, investigating and calling to task those responsible for animal cruelty takes a toll on the heart and soul, especially when she can’t stop it from happening – at least at the moment of observation. What Brandi, Animal’s Angels and so many people involved with the cause to help animals come to realize is that change takes time. Changing a culture of cruelty and attitude of domination is a slow process but these efforts that come from the heart eventually pay off. Brandi is petite and packed with energy, and is quick to spread kindness and humor. She is as committed to easing suffering for people she knows as she is for the cause she believes in and she’s a testament to the saying “By saving an animal, we don’t change the world, but we change the world for that animal.” Although saving animals from cruelty and suffering is the objective saving humanity from destroying it’s own soul, is the ultimate goal. Animals aren’t ours to abuse – they are our teachers, guides and they open our hearts to love, beauty, happiness and appreciation of the wonders of the world. Read Brandi’s Story and know that as you help the work of Animal’s Angels, you’re helping make the world a better place. They need your donations to continue their work.

Most of my life I have known about the slaughter of horses, first for the dog food industry, then for human consumption. Being raised in the West where this is just common practice, selling horses to the slaughter buyers, I was just sick over it but felt that I was the only person in the world who cared. I got a newspaper clipping one day saying the last slaughter plant in DeKalb IL had closed, I thought that this would be the end, but to my shock a couple of weeks later I was passed on the highway by a semi carrying a load of slaughter horses to DeKalb. There was one black and white paint horse who was screaming in that trailer, it’s eyes pierced my heart and my soul, I knew he would never take another breath on this earth after the next day. At that moment I knew that I had to do something! I had never looked at the slaughter information on the computer, it was easier not to know, but now I was compelled to find out and I started my journey to where I am now.
Through my research I was put in contact with several people and because I am an over the road truck driver by profession, these people thought that I would be able to furnish information about the trucks hauling to slaughter so I was contacted by a person who gathers information about these trucks and the people who buy the slaughter horses and this person worked for Animals Angels. Over the course of a few years I gathered information about the trucks, DOT number, directions of travel, and who the trucks belonged to. Animals Angels then did an investigation on the slaughter of pigs at Farmer Johns slaughter plant in Vernon Ca, on a suggestion from me. Through this investigation I was able to meet and chat with Sonja Meadows the director of Animals Angels. I continued to furnish information to her until last year at which time I retired from trucking. She called me and asked if I would be willing to attend a few auctions here in my state of Colorado, and of course I was more than glad to help. After that I was invited to join her on an investigation in the East and that made my dedication to the work that is done by Sonja and her organization even more important. I am now the Head Of Investigations Colorado.
From the moment that beautiful horse got into my heart, my life has never been the same, and the mission statement of Animals Angels has been my guiding light in this journey of discovery and enlightenment in the slaughter industry.
I am attaching a letter that was written by me as a release by Animals Angels. It describes the work and how I feel about this organization and the work that they do.