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America’s Wild Horses lead the way to the next frontier for the human race.

Although it seems like the dark ages for America’s wild horses, it’s also a time of great enlightenment for the human race.  The Voices of the horses are being heard far and wide and many of us are called to represent what they want the world to understand about them and about the next frontier for the human race.

I’ve tried to steer clear of using this crises for Anerica’s wild horses as a statement for humanity because it’s heart breaking to see the horses turned into  martyrs for our growth.  Yet we  all know that our western civilizations has  been built on the back of the horse or burro, they have been our martyrs  and we owe them a great debt and honorable place of historical value for that service.   We have always had nature to draw resources from and now more than ever, I believe the natural world including and especially  wild horses  are a stabilizing conduit for  us to grow a more humane consciousness.   As many hear the voices of the horses calling us to help them, humanity as a whole will surely (be it ever so slowly )rise to the dawning of a new way of seeing, respecting, honoring and learning from these amazing animals.   A quote from the film:  ” Just to know they exist in this ever more confining age, is to know that we too can be free. ”    The horses are once again leading our way into an era of becoming a more “civilized” society that values all of nature and raises our human status to pick up the torch of honorable stewardship that was  originally designed to be ours.  An open heart and mind knows the true meaning of freedom.

Confucious says “If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed, if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.”  Let the horses understanding of freedom and sacrifice lead our way to a better tomorrow. Share this film and keep planing seeds for our collectively humane future.

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