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Wild Horses In Winds of Change inspires people to rise above the urge to kill animals for profit. Simone Netherlands anti- horse slaughter advocate comments about jobs created by horses in Seattle Times article above.

Read  this Seattle Times article and view the comments.  Is killing for profit kind or necessary?   How low will the human race go?  What is the real motivation to kill horses?  Who among those in favor of horse slaughter plants have ever watched or participated in horse being slaughtered?  Most would change their minds.   I welcome your comments to this post and I will write more later.  Wild Horses In Winds of Change is not about horse slaughter, rather it’s about the need for new solutions.  As Simone Netherlands points out in her comments more jobs are created with live horses than the slaughter industry creates.  Send comments and this post will continue to develop.

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2 Responses to “Horse Slaughter in U.S.”

  1. robin

    15. Feb, 2012

    Another thing to consider is stolen horses being taken to slaughter houses for a quick profit. There needs to me a system in place to prevent stolen horses from being taken to slaughter houses in the US, Canada and Mexico. Check out Stolen Horse International http://www.netposse.com/. They put out and amber alert-type notice for stolen horses and equipment. We must do all we can to protect these magnificent domestic and wild horses.

  2. Patricia Riggleman

    15. Jun, 2012


    I have wrote people in the government and so far I have
    not heard anything. I would like to know how the U.S. can do
    this and let it keep on happening. To me the government is nothing if they cannot help loving, caring animals that all they want is to be loved and care for, not to be rounded up by planes and took to a slaghter house to be used foe human consumption in the U.S. and out of the country. I do not eat no type of meat anymore, who knows they could pass it off as regular ground beef, or regular steaks. I believe that the U.S. should be ashame of thereselves. How can they slep at night? Thank you if you read my post. Patricia Riggleman

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