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White Horse by Phyllis Stapler donation to silent auction in Durango on Feb. 19.

You’ll want to come with your checkbooks or cash to take part in our silent auction.  We do not accept Credit cards.

Phyllis Stapler’s “White Horse” is one of fine art pieces available at our  silent auction.  Joe Toledo – “First Snow Run,” a water color of 3 horses running in – – snow.

“White Horse:  A stylized paintings of animals and plants. Simplified forms silhouetted against monochromatic backgrounds with mysterious connotations and engaging formal …see more at www.phyllisstapler.com


In addition to the many books reviewed below we have others:  Carol Walker’s “Wild Hoofbeats” and Cloud Foundation 2012 Calendar. PaintedHillsPublishing.com

Off the topic of horses but on the topic of understanding ourselves in relation to the cosmos is “Venus Star Rising” a brilliant astrology book by Arielle Guttman, www.VenusStarRising.com.

Essential Oils For Animals ” by Nayana Morag www.OffTheLeashPress.com

We have donations of DVDS, CDS from Templeton Thompason. templetonthompson.com
Silver Horse pendants from Durango’s own “Cowgirs” &  “Cowboy Trading.”  An Alabaster Howling Coyote from Lanka Blue, Diamond Elixers by Sharon Walker, and lodging stays you dream of in Santa Fe, Telluride and Durango’s own Rochester Hotel.  Four Leaves Winery who recently opened at 528 Main in Durango has offered a whole parties worth of Gift Certificate.  www.fourleaves.com   Appaloosa Trading Company offered a pocket knife with a horse carved into it.  We have a fun/ carpet bag worth $100.00 from Eureka Dan’s and Gift Cards to many of Durango’s great restaurants and lavish gift baskets from Nature’s Oasis, Natural Grocers, Telluride Gift Baskets, Pets and Paws, and a traveling Doggie bed from Creature Comforts.

Our silent auction includes many wonderful Gift Certificate Offerings from Natural Healing modalites: Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Foto Facials, Beauty Care, and Animal Communication sessions.  Maria’s bookshop has offered a copy of Deanne Stillman’s book “Mustang”  adding to a collection of books about horses and pets you might otherwise never know about.  By just reading the book reviews below, you’ll get an education.



DENISE LEE BRANCO, Award-Winning Author
Silver Medal – 2011 Living Now Book Awards
(animals/pets/livestock category)
Please visit: http://www.HorseAtTheCornerPost.com

Horse at the Corner Post: Our Divine Journey

By Denise Lee Branco, Strolling Hills Publishing, Soft Cover, 2010, $17.95, ISBN: 879-0-9845888-0-0

Available at www.horseatthecornerpost.com    Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

I have been blessed with many animal friends in my life, but you were unique. I had a connection with you since your wobbly foal legs held you up and until your aged arthritic legs no longer allowed you to stand. ~ Denise Lee Branco

In the award-winning Horse at the Corner Post, Denise Lee Branco writes straight from the heart about her deep, lifelong connection to her quarter horse, Freedom.

At an outsider’s first glance, there may have been nothing special about this particular foal. Yet, Branco and Freedom connected almost immediately, soul to soul. Sharing hugs, playing racing games alongside the fence, and winning 2nd Place in a Kindergarten Western Pleasure Class, the two youngsters formed a powerful relationship. All that changed as Branco neared college age and her uncle took a fancy to the horse. Thinking Freedom would have a great temporary home, Branco let him go, only to discover some years later that he had been sold.

What ultimately takes place is an astonishing tribute, not only to the profound relationship between a girl and her horse, but also to the deep support of a family that understood this bond and cared enough to see it through.

The strength of this book lies in Branco’s skilled and honest storytelling.  The reader is there every step of the way, reminded of the animals that may have graced their own life.

Branco’s hope in writing about Freedom is that it will encourage animal adoption. This inspired family reading achieves all of that and more.

Denise Lee Branco spent her childhood on a California ranch, befriending all the furry and feathered residents there. From reading horse books to competing in western shows and gymkhanas, Denise has always felt horses are a part of her identity. She hopes Horses at the Corner Post will encourage animal adoption.

Ride from the Heart DVD,   The Art of Communication By Jenny Rolfe,

Cracking Media 50 minutes – $37.00

To purchase on-line, go to: http://www.spanishdressagehorses.com  Also available on Amazon Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

Training is about connection with our horse with love, harmony and respect. The more we understand the ways of the horse, the more we understand our own feelings. As a result we can live in more harmony – not only with our horse – but with ourselves. ~ Jenny Rolfe

U.K. riding instructor Jenny Rolfe teaches innovative techniques of core breathing to connect with the horse and help the rider to find harmony in body, mind and spirit. Now these techniques are available in progressive and well-organized detail on the DVD Ride from the Heart.

Rolfe’s principles are based in dressage, but applicable to all forms of riding.  She demonstrates with her Iberian stallions using liberty work, not only as a training aid, but also as a warm-up, re-establishing connection on the ground prior to riding. The object is calm, assertive leadership, and total empathy between horse and handler.

The DVD includes common training tips such as not pulling on a horse’s head when leading. There are also excellent demonstrations of Rolfe’s exercise system to improve the rider’s body awareness. Exercises, loosely based on Tai Chi, are done in standing positions. The rider is then soft and relaxed when mounted, and thus the horse is as well. Most athletes already use such techniques prior to competition, but not much has been offered on DVD for the equestrian.

Instructors will value this DVD as a teaching tool for all levels, but it additionally offers fresh perspectives on position and groundwork. It is really for anyone who wants to help their horse become a more confident athlete and simply create a better ride.

Jenny Rolfe’s clients come from all over the world and include those professionally involved with horses, among them BHS trainers, physiotherapists and natural horsemanship instructors. She is also an artist and author of the book Ride from the Heart and her upcoming 2012 release Breathe Life Into Your Riding.

NELL WALTON-The Bone Trail Review 

The Bone Trail

Nell Walton

Nell Walton, Soft Cover, 2010, $13.95 U.S.ISBN: 978-1-45649-90799
Available from Amazon

Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

On the afternoon of the last day of Lindy Abraham’s life, she stood leaning against an old Jeep Cherokee, once red, now faded to kind of a dusky umber, rapping her heel impatiently against a tire. She waited in the Nevada desert in the middle of June; it was hot, and her peach colored cotton tank top stuck unpleasantly in the hollow between her narrow shoulders. ~ Nell Walton

In The Bone Trail, Nell Walton hooks the reader from the very start.  We can feel the unrelenting heat and isolation of the desert, and the vulnerability of those who venture there. I was immediately drawn into this exciting story about the disappearance of two wild horse advocates – mystery, thriller and romance all rolled into one.

Walton’s book is inspired by the true-life events with which many horse lovers are familiar – the brutal helicopter roundups of wild mustangs off U.S. public lands, hearing of them being run to exhaustion into long-term warehousing facilities, where many face illness and death. But, there is more to this story, something far worse, and investigative journalist Kate Wyndham is determined to the discover the truth, even at great personal risk.

Every single character in this novel is lively and engaging – from the cold-blooded mining security staff to the Shoshone Reservation inhabitants to the stonewalling local police. Before we know it, we are following Kate’s terrifying trail, gripped with fear and sickened by the possible outcome.

This is one of those books the reader hopes will never end. Rumor has it that Walton is working on a sequel and there is no doubt readers will be lined up to get their hands on it.

Nell Walton is a journalist and the founder of the online equestrian news magazine, The AllHorses Post (www.allpetspost.org/allhorsespost). She lives with her husband and four horses (including two mustangs) in East Tennessee.

Tales of an Animal Communicator Master Teachers by Nancy A. Kaiser, Soft Cover, 2011, $16.95Also available as an e-book

ISBN: 9-781-61364-586-4, Available on Amazon or http://www.nancykaiseranimalcommunicator.com

Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

My hope for this book is that its characters and their tales will cause you to view your own animals with new eyes and with a new perspective about their significance to your life. Remember, they’ve answered your soul’s cries for help. So why not let them help?

~ Nancy A. Kaiser

In this first book of a series, Nancy A. Kaiser draws on her extensive experience to share her personal journey and anecdotes about the animals she has encountered along the way.  The result is a spiritually uplifting book that inspires all who truly care about animals or are drawn to the world of interspecies communication.

Kaiser had imaginary conversations with animals as a child. In her adult work as a veterinary assistant, the animals she treated helped her realize that telepathic communicating was possible. She was guided to experiences that would develop her abilities and lead her to embrace her destiny – to help heal the human-animal bond.

We are introduced to Love, an exceptional filly born with curvature of the spine. Although she couldn’t stay on earth for long, Love’s story is one of unlimited possibility. Ongoing paths to transformation are provided by the myriad of Kaiser’s dogs and cats. There are other horses – Squiggles and her first foal, Dash, who later needed two surgeries, and Stormy, who offers powerful lessons of his own during training. Each chapter leaves a lasting impact on the reader’s heart.

Kaiser’s writing style is clear and compassionate. She includes vivid descriptions of her communications with animals – conversations that reveal their love, their fears, and their preferences. There is a companion CD or MP3 download to the book, entitled Gifts From the Universe, which contains the two releasing processes that form the final chapter of the book. While the circumstances of Kaiser’s life form a fascinating backdrop for these tales, it is the animals themselves who are the real stars.  They provide perspective and true partnership, if their humans are willing to receive what they offer to teach. Reading this book is the place to start that exploration. It will definitely introduce fresh dimensions for animal lovers everywhere.

Ground Manners, A Novel


By Cynthia D’Errico,Soft Cover, 2011, $19.99, Hard Cover, 2011, $24.99

ISBN: 978-1-4568-2394-8

Available at: www.groundmannersnovel.com or on Amazon

Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

Learning that horses were butchered for meat left many people feeling raw and lied to, like suddenly finding out that your neighbour had barbecued your retriever or microwaved your cat. Like so many others, Yanne was clearly unaware that, whether for meat or other reasons, horses were slaughtered at all. ~ Part Three, Chapter Four, p. 116

Ground Manners. A Novel is an innovative synthesis of adventure, romance and animal advocacy. Cynthia D’Errico has produced a compelling tale based on true stories about Canada’s horse slaughter industry, the dangers of continuing to ignore coastline erosion, and which features an especially intriguing thread on how le Canadien became both Quebec’s heritage breed and the National Horse of Canada.

Through the thoughts of Ausencia, a slaughter-bound polo horse, the opening pages introduce us to the horse refuge run by animal communicator Skye Spahro and her daughter on Isle-Saint-Jean- Baptiste. The Institute of Nature Communications, like many horse rescues across the country,  is dedicated to the care and rehoming of abused horses, including the rescue of those slated for slaughter.


The horses narrate a good part of the story as D’Errico performs skillful shifts from the human to the animal point of view. These shifts are reminiscent of those in other classics like Babe and Black Beauty, with that same brilliant seamlessness that keeps the reader fully engaged.  The character of each horse is carefully delineated so that when Ulric, the eternally calm Belgian draft says: “I don’t like the look of things, Tessa,” his ominous tone ushers the reader into the darkness of the book’s last half.The themes in this book require the reader to confront the moral dilemmas often present in horse ownership and attempt to expand the reader’s vision of horses.  Yet the darkness is never overdone.

The storyline is simultaneously about love, heroes and hope for lasting change in our treatment of animals and the planet – indeed of the very ground we walk on. D’Errico’s writing style intimately involves readers in the lives of her characters, human and animal, in such a way that their world becomes difficult to leave as the book nears its gripping finale.

Ground Manners is the tale that horse lovers have waited for, but also essential reading for anyone intent on creating a more harmonious relationship with our planet. It will definitely raise public consciousness and is sure to spark debate.  A former ESL teacher and business editor, Cynthia has always felt a special empathy toward horses with whom she was raised. She continues to promote animals’ rights to live in whatever is left of their natural environments free of cruelty and neglect. Visit Cynthia at www.groundmannersnovel.com or on her Blog at: www.cynthiaderrico.com

Ask Your Animal, Resolving Behavioral Issues, Through Intuitive Communication

Marta Williams, Foreword by Vanessa Williams, New World Library, 2008, Soft Cover, $14.95, ISBN: 978-1-57731-609-1   Available at www.martawilliams.com  or on Amazon

Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

Like almost everyone else in the world. I started out believing that being able to communicate intuitively with animals was pure science fiction.  ~ Marta Williams

Around the world, people are starting to see how communication with other species enhances all life. Whether you want to enrich your relationship with one pet or plan serious study of animal communication, Ask Your Animal will deeply inspire your direction.

Prior to becoming an animal communicator, Marta Williams worked as a wildlife biologist and environmental scientist. Intrigued by the idea of intuitive communication with animals, she set out to learn all that she could about the subject, a path which led her to become a full-time animal communicator.

Ask Your Animal outlines the author’s insightful approaches to more rewarding relationships with animals. Williams believes these are skills we can all cultivate. Woven throughout the book are heartfelt anecdotes of the myriad ways people have tapped into the information animals offer to us. Pet lovers will recognize these situations – from the horse that won’t trailer load to the rescue dog that attacks other animals to the cat that refuses food when her owner is away. Each section includes simple instructions designed to help resolve the challenge and nurture confidence in the apprentice animal communicator. Williams encourages readers to listen, gain fresh perspectives, and discover creative new paths to success. Included are tools to calm a distressed animal, resolve negative behavior, such as jumping up on people or digging, eliminate aggression, and teach a hypersensitive or fearful animal to accept and even enjoy being handled.

There is an entire chapter devoted to using intuition to find a lost animal and another on coping with death, two situations that owners find particularly distressing. One of the more unique features of the book is the final chapter, focused on new ways of relating to the wild creatures with which we share the planet.

Ask Your Animal is a vital resource deserving of a permanent spot on the bookshelf.  No animal lover will be the same after reading it.

Marta Williams, author of Learning Their Language and Beyond Words, lives in Northern California and travels internationally to lecture and teach. She consults by phone and email with people and their animals throughout the world. Visit Marta at: www.martawilliams.com.














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