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Be one with the healing energy of the horses. Feel the heartbeat of the earth next to yours. Surrender to nature’s gift of intuition. Transform your life in an enchanted land.

Liz Mitten Ryan, of Equinisty in B.C. Canada offers a week long retreat for the PBS fundraising drive for Wild Horses In Winds of Change.

100% of the retreat value goes to cover costs involved in meeting PBS National Broadcast Programming requirements.  Open this link and feel yourself in the healing energy of Liz and her horses.



This offer from Liz at Equinisity is called a  “reserve- donation” .  As much as it exemplifies graciousness it is an example of how by helping one another we help – big causes. 

My big cause for this campaign drive is to make the “cut” for National PBS Broadcast for Wild Horses In Winds of Change, in a timely  and effective manner.  I’ll be making some changes to the film not only to fit PBS specs but also to – edit the film to have “broad audience” appeal. 

It has always been my mission that this film made specifically to help the wild horses would bring awareness and a call to action to  the world.  This National PBS opportunity is a giant leap in that direction.

I welcome your offerings  to this campaign drive and/ or  contact me if you’d like to be an official underwriter that reaches PBS audiences of 20 Million plus.

I am forever grateful to Liz Mitten Ryan for helping kick off this campaign.





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