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Thank you to all for a successful film event in Durango.  Even though it was a stormy night the theater’s 200 seats were filled.  There were many points of view represented in the audience, making for some lively debate among attendees.  The over-all feed back about the  film was a frustration in the lack of solutions presented.  I have tried to address some of that in the re-cut version now in Prep for  PBS National Programming.

Stopping the method wild horses are rounded up and removing private cattle from public lands

would provide some breathing space “if” sustainable management for wild horse herds was WANTED.  The key is – if BLM decreed all 12 million cattle off the range tomorrow, the range and resources would begin to recover.  However, there would be another type of land grab for america’s “public land” resources.  Recently I was told that a Chinese Mining venture has leased land from the BLM for their mining ventures.  The entire system of public lands management is like a gigantic real estate firm.  They pedal “our” resources without our permission or even our collective vote.    The wild horses are the scape goats for everything the BLM does wrong but driving their action is the greed and consumption of it’s people. If we want the wild horses to “simply live”  I think we have to not only rally for immediate change in the wild horse program but we also need to examine our own attitudes of biases and greed, food preference and resource use. There are so many pressing issues facing all horses today.  Many people in the horse industry  want slaughter plants to open again in this country – not because they don’t like horses, but because they want horses to equate to money for them and they know money for commodities is about supply and demand.   I compare it to the housing market these days.  Generally most areas are over-built, with more houses than buyers. If we think about the housing market, like horse people do their industry, then why not burn down the existing houses so we can create an industry for new ones?  Interesting there is one letter different houses/ horses. Horses are a container ,like a dwelling place or a house, for the soul of the human to retreat into.  The therapeutic value of horses is expanding as people tap into their healing nature and find them to be comforting companions even in their dreams.   People in many industries,  now  have to wait it out – and find other ways to make a living until the market recovers.   I think we have to be positive and involved, because if we are involved with someone or something, we more likely have understanding and respect for it.

It’s time to respect the horses we have and on all levels consider sustainability  for their future and ours.  The human path is inseparably linked with the horses and as Chief Seattle says: “What we do to the horses, we also do to ourselves.”