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Limited Offer:   Underwriting Opportunity – Deadline March 14, 2012.  Exposure to 20 million National PBS Viewers including the U.S Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  $15,000 for this exposure is not only a  marketing deal, it’s a marketing “steal”.

Know that you helped bring awareness to millions by supporting this film.

Wild Horses In Winds of Change, brings awareness and motivation to help the cause of the wild horse.  Now that it is going to be aired on National PBS it’s message will reach at least 20 million viewers.

I have increasing debt on this film and appreciate help to get it paid and recover some costs of making the film.  It has taken me 3 years of more than full time- unpaid  work and over $40,000  to get to this National PBS programming opportunity.  I hope many of you see the film’s power to reach the masses as a worthy endeavor to support.   The film will motivate people to find horse causes to help: without exception, viewers will want to choose what organization to get involved with.  In addition to a direct call to action for wild horses it calls upon all of us to be responsible and compassionate stewards of all of nature and it’s creatures.  I crafted the film to be like a  messenger – to raise awareness and stimulate action.   I am most grateful if you can offer your support so this film can  keep  moving forward as an agent for awareness and change.

Here’s How You Can Help:

1) Direct financial “gifts” to the film.  This is a way of helping the cause of the mustang by knowing you helped raise awareness and call to action millions more to the cause of the wild horse.  Write checks to Skydancer Productions – Mail to P.O. Box 2146, Durango CO 81303

Oraganize a Digital Campfire: Bring Community together as you show this film.

2) Set up well-organized, well – marketed screenings of the film.  These  can be anywhere from barns, indoor or outdoor arenas, indie theaters or other town venues.  Costs for venue rental space or projectors should be paid for by  local sponsors.  The new PBS version of the film is only 25 min. long so it ideally suited for a panel/ key-note speaker – audience interaction afterwards.

The screening can stand alone – charging just a ticket cost or having a local sponsor cover the costs of at least $10.00 per person.

Or it can be an event filled with much more activity: food, band, other films, silent auction, mustang appreciation and so on, consequently raising the ticket price.  See

3) Purchasing large quantities of the DVD as an incentive  or thank you gift or to distribute through your organizations and in your community.

4) Fill at request forms at your local libraries and ask they consider purchasing a screening license and showing the film in your community. Library Journal reviewed it as: ‘Beautifully rendered and very persuasive…”

5)  Social Media Networking.  Spread word of the film:  film screening opportunities and DVDs available.

6) Encourage purchase/ screening of both Skydancer Productions films for 2 for $30.00.  Heart & Soil is about stewardship and sustainability through local farming while Wild Horses In  Winds of Change is about the need for stewardship and compassion through the lens of the wild horse.

7) Underwriting opportunity – is coming to an end by the end.  Deadline is  March 14. 2012.    This 15 second slide and Voice Over would come at the end of the film and provide exposure to the potential of 20 million viewers – repeatedly over a four year period of time. The exposure includes all of the U.S affiliates including U.S Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  This opportunity is $15,000 for 15 seconds, just a fraction of advertising costs or even direct PBS underwriting.

8) Help open doors for more distribution avenues in the U.S. and abroad.

9) Ask T.V. channels to program it and pay a programming fee.

10) Recommend or write grants that would support the film being shown to communities everywhere.  Follow the film with local presenters to provide more information about particular groups and initiatives.  Showing the film and involving the community is a  great tool to elicit more local support for “local” efforts.

11) If you don’t feel like you can help, please consider asking someone you know who might be able to.  The film was made with the power of “one” but as we all know – “one” is not sustainable.  We need all of us.

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