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Out West: Iconic, Naturally Free Roaming Wild Horses Are Scape Goats for everything wrong with range land management.

Idaho Public Television 8:00 June 1, 2012, http://idahoptv.org/schedules/listingDetails.cfm?TZ=MT&SeriesID=18201&thisChannel=PLUS&VersionID=246294&ThisDate=6-1-2012&thisTime=20:00:00

Colorado Public Television, June 29, 8:30PM

PBS Channels across the Nation are scheduling Wild Horses In Winds of Change.

Tune in to your local channel or call them to encourage programming.  Colorado Public TV 12. 2 and Idaho Public TV are the first ones I know about – but more soon to come.

Idaho Public Television broadcast is Friday, Jun 1, 2012 – 8:00 PM

A film that inspires stewardship of nature told through the lens of the crises facing America’s wild horses. The film tells the story of how America’s wild horses are lawfully protected but unlawfully managed by the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program. The Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act says they are to be managed as free roaming and integral part of the land they are presently found free roaming. Despite lawful protection and science that proves they are indigenous, too many blame the wild horses for a long legacy of human mistakes.  Treatment of them is unjust, inhumane and without cause.  This film gets to the core of the issues of how we got here and now what can be done to change the situation on public lands for all wild life.

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