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San Francisco/ Northern California programs Wild Horses In Winds of Change.

Tune in or Tevo.   What happens to a species and resources if we aren’t stewards keeping watch and finding solutions so all of nature can flourish?  The crises facing  the Wild Horses  exemplify what happens when the private profiteering of special interest groups rule public lands.


Oregon Public Television broadcasts Wild Horses In Winds of Change.

Horses and burros were driven west as civilizations developed.   Smaller horses who had survived wild were often bred with larger horses, to accommodate settlers and ranchers needs.  The same family lineages who bred horses for personal use, then released them onto public lands  when they no longer needed them are now among those who consider the wild horses the scourge of the west and want them removed forever from public lands. Why?  Because they want the land for their private owned cattle so they can continue to profit from “welfare ranching” at Tax Payers expense.  Wild Horses In Winds of Change, is the story of how we got here and presents ideas for solutions for sustainability for all of nature and wildlife.

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