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Filmmaker: Mara LeGrand filming wild horses.

I began making the film about America’s wild horses in June of 2009.  What began as a story about Pancho a mustang colt adopted by Claude Steelman, turned into an odyssey of greater proportions than I imagined. Once I was exposed, educated and informed about what is happening to America’s wild horses and the real injustice behind their management I couldn’t  just make an adoption story.  Some adoptions and rescues of these horses needs to happen and it sure seemed like a redemption story for mustangs when I was a new comer to the issues.  But wild horses do not easily turn into a domesticated, reliable riding horse so they  need to be in the hands of capable horse whisperers who respect them and understand that most of them likely suffer from PTSD and although they may turn out to like you, because they have such big loving hearts, it doesn’t mean they want you to ride them.   An estimated 90% of these horses that are adopted end up not meeting the riding expectations of the person who adopts them.  Then guess what happens to them?  They are taken to the sale barn and many end up in the slaughter pipe line.  It’s hard to know where to start telling this story , let alone where to end it.   The best place for a wild horse is to be left free-roaming on the open range.  Birth control measures can be implemented, water issues mitigated, private livestock REMOVED from the range and most importantly land restored to the wild horses that was lawfully given them in 1971 should be returned.  A STOP to brutal helicopter round ups should be called for immediately and think tanks, forums and unbiased advocacy groups should be formed to figure out new and sustainable solutions for America’s wild horses.

Captured, Frightened Wild Horses.

There are currently an estimated 40,000 wild horses in crowded holding facilities, resembling POW camps.  Out on the range, less than 30, 000 wild horses still run free, that is until one of the daily scheduled helicopter round ups, ends everything they know and love.   The wild horse management program is entirely about biases, distorted knowledge, pandering to special interest groups, politics of the most corrupt kind and an attitude of dominion whose only destination can be destruction of all that is beautiful, natural and filled with innocence and truth.  Half truths or down right lies abound in this arena of those who convince themselves what they’re doing…. “is best for the horses.”   I made a film to encourage an audience to dig deeper and not fall for the propaganda spun by those whose main objective is to GET RID OF AMERICA’S FREE ROAMING WILD HORSES.   Every problem they (the BLM) states as reasons for removing wild horses and burros from the range,   can be traced to bad, irresponsible, cavalier, pandering – and likely their personal profiteering instead of true management of public resources, public lands and America’s public horses.  I encourage people to ask more questions and demand progress toward sustainable solutions for the wild horses . Change can be implemented immediately.   I feel the heart break of orphan children when I see the broken – spirit in the eyes of these horses. The horse’s eyes offer a mirror to our own souls.  Is callous indifference where we’re bound?

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