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Indie Go Go Campaign to keep Wild Horses In Winds of Change on the road has launched.


Janet Hupprich lives in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range with her husband, 2 horses, dog and 4 cats. She grew up in L.A., but always had a love for horses, and started riding when she was 12. Her dream came true when she moved out of L.A. and bought property and later on horses. She recently has been involved with a group that helps find homes for horses that end up in the kill pen of a local Auction House. From there she rescued one of her horses from going to slaughter. She loves taking the horses out on nearby trails, and just hanging out with them.

She has always had a love for stones, and as a child collected rocks and polished them in her rock tumbler that her father made for her. She learned to make jewelry after a friend gave her a handmade bracelet for Christmas one year, and has been making jewelry for the last 7 years. She is inspired by the stones and antique beads she collects, the colors and shapes are strung together in such a way as to bring harmony and balance to her jewelry.

Janet Hupperich handcrafted this mustang bracelet just for this campaign to help Wild Horses In Winds of Change.

Lapis beauties to mix and match with all your jewelry. Handcrafted by Janet Hupperich.

More artisan  jewelry donated by Janet for the

Indie Go Go Benefit for

Wild Horses In Winds of Change.  Contribute for the  JEWEL AWARD, ADVOCATE AWARD, MUSTANG SPIRIT AWARD, ADVENTURE AWARD, HOMESTEAD AWARD,  and many more.

 Original oil painting Wild Horses palette knife fine art abstract impressionism by Karen Tarlton


My paintings combine form and spontaneous abstract background. Over the past 23 years of painting daily, I have developed a style using color, form, and texture to create a relationship between the material and the spiritual, my subject and my vision. In every aspect of every painting there are two things that are important to me: The first is the power of expression, style and quality, and the second is that my art needs to make people happy. When I paint, it is because something has evoked in me a highly personal response that I try to share with others. When people view my paintings, I hope they are encouraged to think and feel with more introspection.
The inspiration behind my equine art comes from many childhood memories of riding domestic horses in Carson City and witnessing firsthand their great beauty and power. From these memories, I create paintings of wild horses that embody strength, passion, and energy with thick oil paint and palette knife. The sleek, muscular bodies of wild mustangs emerge from my canvas with effortless swirls of color. The intensity of the creatures themselves is enough to inspire any artist or admirer, but the spiritual presence of the horses is just as potent. Horses are free souls and wise runners of the earth. They have taught me to release my creativity with reckless abandon. My hope is that my equine art races into the homes of new customers, spreading their strength, beauty, and philosophy of freedom to every corner of our world.

Medicine bag by Tammi Phillips made for the cause of America’s mustangs and Wild Horses In Winds of Change

Mustang Medicine Bag by Tammy Phillips



Buckaroo by Suzanne Gooch. g’cleeSuzanne Gooch is an equestrian advocate. Her roots are in Wyoming where her grandfather, Frank was a rancher in the Pumpkin Buttes. She grew up admiring his cowboy hats and how his low gentle voice calmed every creature human and animal alike. Suzanne’s studio is in Sausalito, California, close the Marin Headlands trails where she rides.


Art by Frances Gillotti – Original Horse Painting Lockets,

I am from Ireland been painting all my life.  Used to work as a decorative artist in Manhattan for a number of years. I now paint animal portraits and love Celtic art.  I have two children who are artists .Now I am making small animal sculptures and have a shop on Etsy.com

Miniature Hand Painted on Wood  by Essie Martin of

Dancing Horse Gallery.   Another Close to Your Heart Award.  Wear these little gems or set them on the easels they come with.

“Home on The Range” – A Gallery Award choice.

Buck The Truck Gallery Award.