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Winning awards: Katherine Kinnison and her mustang, “Little Red Riding Hood”.

Mustangs As Hunter Jumpers  Click the link to watch this little video with Mary Lee Brighton at Brighton Meadows.  It’s great to know how the last few years have gone for the little girls in this film.  Here is a picture of Katherine ( the blonde in the film on the little mustang)

Look for her competing at the Utah Hunter, Jumper Association Short Stirrup Divisionat the Davis county Fairgrounds in Farmington Utah this Friday and Saturday, Oct. 5 & 6.  Here’s a note from her Mother: My daughter Katherine (13) owns and rides a 13.2 hh chestnut mare
adopted from the BLM almost 16 years ago. You made a film with her in
it several years ago “Mustangs as Hunter/Jumpers”. Acorn is from the
Goshute herd in Nevada. She and Katherine have an amazing 5 year
relationship built on trust and hard work. They now compete in the
Utah Hunter/Jumper shows and are doing very well. Katherine taught
Acorn (show name Little Red Riding Hood) her flying lead changes this
summer and Acorn proved that after living most of her life at one
facility, she will trailer, load, and be perfectly calm at any venue.
Acorn is barefoot and has been in perfect health (no lameness or other
issues) since we have known her. Acorn is so fancy, she places first
or second in every flat class – competing against very expensive and
seasoned horses from other show barns. This first year team is in the
running for a year-end award in the Utah Hunter Jumper Association
Short Stirrup Division after joining the show circuit mid-year. They
are a great example of a willing relationship between horse and rider.
They will be competing at the Davis County Fairgrounds in Farmington,
Utah this Friday and Saturday – you should come and watch! ”  Karen Kinnison

I’d love to go see her and her trusted little Acorn.  I wish the pair on- going successes.  What a wonderful partnership they have.  If only….. all the mustangs needing adoption could have partnering, trust and a life long home like Acorn has.  Mary Lee Brighton saves many mustangs and as a true horse woman and teacher of children seeds the beginnings of these patient and willing partnerships.

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