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A Wild Horse breathing and being free. Wild Horses In Winds of Change.


Written by Mara LeGrand in response to an article in Forbes about “Saving America’s Horses” by Katia Louise.  The horses need all the press they can get.  I wish I could afford a publicist to get articles about my film in leading magazines.  Oh well, I’m thankful I at least had enough money to produce it  professionally enough for PBS.


Wild Horses In Winds of Change”, now broadcast on National PBS, released nearly the same time as Katia’s,  sticks to the horrifying situation for America’s wild horses and only mentions slaughter but I did research and experience the slaughter issue enough to have great empathy for what Katia went through making her documentary. As the BLM continues to round up thousands of wild horses it caters to America’s sacred cows on the range by killing predators and allocating more land for them than for horses and burros. Reliable sources say the cattle grazing program costs the tax payers $350 Million a year to subsidize, including the removal of natural predators. What is needed is a moratorium on roundups while new direction and policies are formed for sustainable management. Unbiased researchers need to live with and study wild horse behavior and habitat so birth control measures can be implemented along with humane management and selective culling. Livestock grazing needs to end & natural predators restored. An informed public needs to know what’s going on and their voices listened to in WA. Now with over 30,000 wild horses (& counting) in crowded holding facilities, slaughter looms as the inevitable solution from those calloused to believe it’s the merciful end. Anyone who believes that should go spend time with the horses & follow them all the way through the horrifying process.

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