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If you have 45 or so minutes you might enjoy the conversation with Kim Baker and Mara LeGrand about the film.

“There’s not a horse out on the range that doesn’t think it’s wild.  It was born wild, it lives wild with it’s herd, it adapts to the conditions of wild living.”

They didn’t say “Hey guys – lets head west, where there’s open – barren land with lots of private cattle eating all the grass and camping at water holes.”  They kept running from human invasion and development in an escape for their lives from their main predator: Humans.   This interview explores how the horses happen to mostly be out west and so much more issues that are condensed in this film.

Photo of Courting Horses Mare and StallionWhy do we need wild horses?  What do they represent in our eco-system? Do they have a right to be wild? How do they contribute to the ecosystem?  What is humans relationship to horses throughout time?  Kim Baker explores the amazing connection between humans and horses in her weekly radio show.

It was an honor to be interviewed by Kim Baker who is so in-tune with horses and shares a holistic approach to life in general and a deep respect for animals.   A well-known saying is that it is not possible to recognize in others what we do not posses or have developed in ourselves.  Could it be that those who treat horses like throw away beings – have not discovered in themselves the soulful – sensing inner and outer beauty a horse by nature has ? Might it be their size and inner – strength threatens people, even more than their physical size?  Horses, throughout time have shown an astonishing ability to adapt to drastically different environments and to serve humanity in their vast and changing wants and needs.  They give us so much – and for what do they ask?  What they ask for is directly proportional to their level of domestication.  The wild ones – ask that we don’t fence them away from a reliable water source.  They ask that we observe them from a distance and learn about our free spirit through the lives they live.  They ask that they live with other wild life and are respected as wild – free roaming, surviving animals, not livestock.  They ask that the powers in charge of their management don’t take away land they need to thrive on.  They ask that they are not scape goated for everything that goes amiss on the range.  Over their long time on this continent they have been driven to the least productive land  – some were abandoned, some ran away from what would have been their death.  And now they are wild, even though for a time their ancestors were domesticated.  Our wild horses are legends of a time gone by, stories of our lives intertwined with theirs as we journeyed to a free land. They are myths of our favorite childhood books and wildest most lofty dreams. quote from the film: ” They speak to us of freedom and in this ever – more confining age, we too can be free.”   Humans and horses have always shared a common destiny.  What will it be?

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