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Wild Horses/ Horses in general are gaining attention from the public.  Is it because through-out time horses and humans have been companions in building civilizations and industry?  Lanny Leach, a true horseman and trainer of Mustangs for the BLM, comments in “Wild Horses In Winds of Change”.  “I don’t know how we’d have gone as far as we did, without the horse. The horse has been with humans through everything.”.   And yet , in one of their times of greatest need, where are we, the  supposed, intelligent, problem solving humans?   Yes, the horses have advocates who work hard to help them ~ but the strength of the movement who want to turn horses into a commodity ~ food source is strong.  Today everything is about industrialized, corporatized, commoditized, capitalized, so is this anti – nature force against horses any different than the rest of our countries focus on greed, cruelty, dishonesty or the  strong- holding back of  forces of good, in favor of capitol gain and self righteousness?    The horse adapted to being tamed and became intimately connected to humans.   We needed them for their  sheer strength in the past and we often used them to their  death. Now we need  the horse to get us in touch with our humanity.  The horse  offers it’s beauty and strength for us to marvel in. It’s spirit for us to wish for.  It’s soft muzzle for us to be comforted in.  The horse offers us a ride into wild unknowns of our deepest longings whether on it’s back or watching it’s freedom in fields, pastures and ranges.  We are offered a glimpse into an intuitive knowing through observing horse behavior that is far superior than the limitations of our cognitive world.  We basque in memories of being with a horse as children, at camp or just in the magic of the stories that helped formed us to become caring adults.  We are charmed by their grace, their playfulness, willingness to forgive, sensual connection to all of nature. We love joining their lives and delving into the mystical realms they represent on earth.  We need the horse on this planet and in our lives not just because they stir within us poetry and a longing for freedom.  They are among our greatest teachers and TODAY we are at another threshold of change.  This time the war is within the hearts of humans.  It’s a war of light or dark forces, a war between accepting the responsibility that higher consciousness toward animals brings or just keeping our attitudes stuck in the dark ages.   Through answering the call of the horse, we can rise to our highest calling as human-beings, true stewards of nature.  If we don’t  we are submitting  to the forces of darkness who kill in the name of “compassion”.  There is nothing compassionate in slaughtering a horse.  Death isn’t the worst thing ~ but putting a horse through slaughter is as far from compassion as one could get.  Put yourself in the “shoes” of the horse.  Find solutions for them, by asking them what to do.  The horses have solutions, we just need to listen and be willing to let them use more land, work with them in management of over-population, and share more resources with them.   Humans take up space on  this planet to find solutions for the good of all – and currently the needs of the  horses  provides a great opportunity for us to understand animals in a new light.   ~ Mara LeGrand, Filmmaker: “Wild Horses In Winds of Change”

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