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Here’s a little update on this post.  “Wild Horses In Winds of Change” has shown in 36 states across the country on PBS channels.  If you missed seeing it on your local channel, call them and ask for them to air it again and to let you know when they plan to.    The film was invited to a few special film festivals so some saw it at them.  Nashville Film Festival was the best.  It premiered with “Buck” and had sold out audiences for at least 6 showings in the large Royal Cinemas.   What a film maker wants most, is to find broadcast and distribution. It was my goal to find both, without spending much money or time on film festivals, so I was thrilled to accomplish my goal.  The film can be found in hundreds of libraries, in the PBS programming selections,  in educational institutions, and in many homes and places across Canada, Europe and Australia.  There are two versions of the film. The first one is 30 minutes and had it’s premier at the Egyptian Theater in Holllywood.  The second version is the PBS cut and is about 5 minutes shorter. Since I had to make it shorter I moved reorganized it a bit and made some improvements.  This versionon DVD  is now sold through this website and is available on Amazon and CD Universe and some other sites.  Since I had a distributor it was hard to keep track of all the places they sold it to.  The version for RENT or DOWNLOAD  on Amazon is not the final version. I hope this clears some things up for people who ask me where they can find a copy of my film.  If you buy it from this website – you help support an independent filmmaker more than you would buying it anywhere else.  A few dollars more -per DVD  can help a filmmaker continue to make films.




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