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Wild Horses In Winds of Change wins People’s Choice Award at Horse & Drum 1st EQUUS Film Festival.


People's Choice Award From "Horse & Drum, Equus Film Festival.

There was a slip in my P.O. box for locker. In the locker a box.

To my surprise in the box, a ribbon and a lovely curved glass plaque presenting my award.

This event was in August and it’s now Nov. 1.  I don’t know why I only received it or even heard about it until now but…. alas surprises like this are always welcome.

It appears they had some wonderful films as  a tribute to horses around the world.  Congratulations to those who organized and made this festival successful.  It’s no easy feat to put a festival together.  I’d like to thank them for offering this opportunity to filmmakers of horse films and for it’s intent of spreading the love people have for horses.

Horses are nature in motion.  A quote from my film: “How could they be other than legend?  Stories told from deep within the mind of earth.  Myth made flesh. They speak to of us of freedom.  And in this ever more confining age that we too can be free.”


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