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Still 4In this year of the horse, 2014, what will we expect for the cause of wild horses?

There is a call to us all in  this year of the horse to be committed to the causes we believe in. It’s a year of opportunity for us to rise to the legendary strength, spirit and big-heartedness, that have elevated horses to mythical proportions since pre-historic times.

All of us who know and love horses know they live in the moment.  They  have a carefree nature and need ample room for self expression.  A wild horse lives the true nature of a horse, without the trappings of human interference.  When constrained by unjust or painful rules, even the most well-trained domestic horse will rebel.  Many wild horses run for their lives to escape being captured,  corralled or tamed.  Whether wild or tame,  horses will tell you exactly what is on their mind; they are frank and dislike people with hidden agendas.   To a free roaming wild horse, we humans always have hidden agendas and are their worst enemy.  Humans have fenced them in, limited their land mass and access to water.  They have blamed  wild horses for everything that goes wrong with the range, even though range and land issues are nearly always a clear result of human irresponsibility and mismanagement.   Who doesn’t know that real-estate whether it’s government range land or a mansion on a hill, is about money?  The land once designated for America’s free roaming wild horses has been parceled to every imaginable income source for the BLM and National Forest.  And nearly everything, including prairie dogs and prairie chickens generate some kind of financial reward, e.g. ( considered an indigenous species) they are supported from extinction by various agencies.  But, wild horses don’t generate revenue – however they don’t cost us anything if they are left alone on expansive range land.  Instead of being told how little they cost if they are left alone as free roaming animals, we are told they are a multi-million dollar burden on us, the tax payers.  Why – because the BLM and Forest Service are reckless  stewards of public lands and they almost unanimously don’t like wild horses.  They don’t like them because they compete for resources with their main cash crop, namely cows. And  now with reintroduction of big-horn sheep they compete for big ticket hunting licenses.

Millions of acres, once granted to free roaming horses  in 1971, should be returned to include them.   Most of the horses on America’s range land are descendants of the hard-riding, life sacrificing, brave, loyal  or bone tired work horses and burros that helped us settle this free land.  Their ancestors contribution to our freedom and success should have been insurance for their descendants to live free.   “Wild Horses In Winds of Change” gets to the point of the problems and as it does, calls upon all of us, to rise to the call of nature as a whole.  Buy the DVD from this website: http://wildhorsesinwindsofchange.com/purchase/  Watch it and learn why you should rise to the cause and get ideas of how you can help.  Share the film through showings in schools, libraries and lend it to your friends. Ask your local schools and libraries to order and call your PBS station to run it again.  After all it’s the year of the horse, so lets see as many films about horses as we can.    Cowboy up friends -and join the ride to help.

The year of the horse is a year for issues to be out in the open.  It’s a year for hard won freedoms,  expanding horizons, and following the highest calling of our instincts.   We are not separate from nature and it’s creatures – we are them, but we’ve lost our way.   Could there be a better year to join the movement for the wild horses?   You know the saying “the stars are on your side.”  This year the stars favor success for the causes for horses and for freedom from injustice for all.

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