Mara is an award winning photo-journalist, screenwriter, videographer and film director. Her much acclaimed feature documentary, HEART & SOIL, about local sustainable agriculture won several best feature, environmental film, attracted a full house at the prestigious Jacob Buns Film Center in New York and as the opening film at the Nashville Film Festival in 2008. A popular audience life continues for HEART & SOIL, through broadcast, DVD’s sales and selected screenings across the globe.

As Co-Producer for “Ed Meets His Maker”, an award winning, narrative fiction short feature Mara also helped adapt story to script, designed sets, props and costumes, assisted with casting and acting coaching and development and coordination of the cast from pre-production through post.

Mara holds a PhD and has an extensive international career in public and holistic health care field. She founded Skydancer Productions in 2006 with a mission to make films to call people to action for the health of the planet and it’s inhabitants. Mara has successfully captured the spontaneity of animals and children in all of her films.

This documentary submitted: “Wild Horses In Winds of Change” is her third film. She is the producer, director, writer, videographer, sound person, scheduler, still photographer, field and story director, researcher, traveler, driver, writer and FCP basics editor.

by Mara LeGrand





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