32nd Annual Telly Award granted Wild Horses In Winds of Change in Best of Nature and Wildlife category.

PBS  selected Wild Horses In Winds of Change for National Broadcast distribution.

Sponsors for programing are needed.  Contact Mara: skydancer@gmail.com to get your name in front of over 20 million viewers for a two year running time.

The film is now available for fund raiser screenings to raise awareness and raise money for non- profits of the sponsors choice. Please contact us if you need high resolution photos and other information for the press. wildhorsesinwindsofchange@gmail.com

Wild Horses in the Winds of Change Seeks Healing Solutions

New Documentary Invites Everyone to Get Involved

Mara LeGrand proudly announces that her award-winning documentary Wild Horses in Winds of Change is now available on DVD for private and public screenings. This visionary film is a soulful portrayal of America’s wild horses facing extermination. It is by turns heart breaking and heart warming, and challenges many common belief systems the average viewer may hold.

Can we help stop the myths, lies and betrayals surrounding the brutal helicopter roundups and warehousing of these noble, sensitive creatures? Do human beings have the resources and heart to find inspired solutions? Beyond that, can we develop a new paradigm for managing all wildlife, including the mustangs?

Yes we can, according to LeGrand, “….if people are willing to adjust that old guard way of thinking and not give in to despair along the journey. It’s as much about ecological issues we need to solve, as it is about the plight of our wild horses and our attitude of dominion over nature.”

Wild Horses in  Winds of Change calls upon us to be guardians of the natural world. We will need to care deeply, because understanding Nature, in particular the wild horses, will require all of our skill at giving and receiving trust and respect.

“The film artfully portrays the broken spirit in the eyes of the wild horses, but also reflects a broken spirit in ourselves that truly needs healing.” Photographer Tony Stromberg says, “As we help our wild brethren, we are also helping ourselves.”

To arrange an interview with Mara LeGrand, book her keynote speaking for your event, or to order a copy of the DVD, visit:http://wildhorsesinwindsofchange.com

About the Film Maker:   Mara LeGrand, PhD. is an award winning photojournalist, screenwriter, and film director. She brings wisdom from her international career in holistic health to her films and offers compelling presentations to accompany screenings. LeGrand’s  mission is to call people to action for the health of the planet and its inhabitants.




Library Journal – ” A beautifully rendered and very persuasive film…….. – April 2011

“Wild Horses in Winds of Change” is a beautifully crafted documentary. It shines a bright light on our society and what it values (and doesn’t). Many documentaries point the finger of blame, and showcase all that has been done wrong. This film offers and inspires new alternatives, while it calls on us to look at ourselves and our culture and our deeper values, without implying guilt. The film artfully portrays the broken spirit in the eyes of the wild horses, but also reflects a broken spirit in ourselves that truly needs healing. As we help our wild brethren, we are also helping ourselves… there is no separation. “Wild Horses in Winds of Change” calls to us to be guardians of the natural world, as well as the wild part that is deep inside all of us. –And it does so with heart and inspiration. – Tony Stromberg  Photographer, Author

DCIFF – “An extraordinary film every American should see.”

SLOFF – “An important film people need to see to understand what’s behind the problems.”

Mary Ann Simonds – Equine Behaviorist featured in the film. – ” Mara is a talented producer who made a film that may be the only one about wild horses that fits into the ecology genre.”


“This film is a must see to understand the root cause of all problems for wild horses… the livestock industry and their private profit off of our public lands.  All lovers of wild horses need to see this film and understand that all of the problems wild horses face come from one source, public lands livestock grazing”

“This film is a wakeup call. The problem is not too many wild horses. The problem is too many private livestock on our public lands”  Jonathan B. Ratner, Wyoming Director, Pinedale WY

” I give this documentary Two Thumbs Up!  It is Informative, moving, non-preachy, includes thoughtful commentaries, inspirational images and it’s remarkable rendering leads the viewer to become more sensitive to the issues surrounding America’s mustang herds… something this nation needs.  Great job! ”  David Martin Anderson, Author of “The Last Good Horse”.

Coast to Coast Screenings:

Durango Arts Center: Wild Horses In Winds of Change premieres in Durango, Co Feb. 19, 2012. http://wildhorsesinwindsofchange.com/2012/01/durango-premier-fe-19th-durango-arts-center/

WINNER – 32nd Annual Telly Award.  A prestigious award, peer reviewed by industry professionals.

World Premiere – Dec. 2010,  Egyptian Theater, Hollywood California,  ARTIVISTS FILM FESTIVAL

Los Angeles Move Award, Dec. 2010

San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, March, 2011  OFFICIAL SELECTION

DCIFF  ( Arlington Va)  – March 2011.  OFFICIAL SELECTION  “Extraordinary Film !”

Cinema Verde Environmental Film Festival –  March 2011  WINNER BEST NATURE FILM

WINNER – Most Important Environmental Issue  – see plaque

Nashville Film Festival – April, 2011 (Paired with “Buck” Sundance Audience Choice Best Documentary of 2011)

Charleston International Film Festival, – May, 2011.

Black Hills Film Festival – May, 2011

Santa Fe Radio Cafe Interview January 17, 2013 http://www.santaferadiocafe.org/podcasts/?paged=8

Wine & Cheese Fundraiser at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch « Holistic Herd

Mara LeGrand of Wild Horses in Winds of Change: Susan Williams of WindhorseOne and Anna Twinney, Horse Trainer & Communicator, present unique perspectives on their work with wild horses.

New Hope Film Festival – July 13, 6 p.m New Hope Arts Center , New Hope PA

Colorado Horse Rescue – July 23, 7: P.M  details at chr.org/events  Mara presents her film along with Carol Walker, photographer and author and Robin Davis, founder of Holistic Horse Care Cooperative.

Durango Colorado Home town Premiere screening event with Jonathan Ratner of Western Water Sheds and Dr. Petra and Clay Sulwold of Cafe of Life presenting “Healing & Horses.”



Wild Horses In The Winds Of Change by Mara LeGrand (2011) premiered at the Egyptian theatre in Los Angeles. A soulful portrait it takes a look at another angle of the Wild Horse controversy. Wild horse sancturies play apivotal role in the reorganization of wild horse management as it will be required in the future. Sanctuaries are private non profit organizations that either adopt, save or rescue mustangs from government holding facilities or sales. Three-strikers (horses that have been offered three times unsuccessfully for adoption) and U-brands horses that are older than four years and deemed undadoptable are preferred prospects for sanctuaries. Since these horses are under sale authority that means they have lost government protection and can be sold without restriction directly from the BLM facility or at an auction for as little as 10 dollars. Even though the BLM states that they do not sell directly to kill-buyers and slaughterhouses, they simply sell to the lowest bidder (which is the kill buyer). The ever peaceful images of sanctuaries can lull the viewer into the assumption that this might be the saving grace for mustangs. The film shows the broken spirit in the eye of the wild horse, but also shows the broken spirit in us. Photographer Tony Stromberg comments: »As we help or wild brethren, we are also helping ourselves.« The debate of whether private sanctuaries are the solution to the Wild Horse controversy is characterized through the fact that these are all traumatized broken and sterile herds, whose family and bands structures have been destroyed, a far cry from the vibrant images of mustangs roaming on Western Prairies (the public lands).

Branding Image.   For High Resolution photos to print: choose from the below images plus we have many more still photos to offer you.  Contact skydancerfilms@gmail.com












Mara LeGrand filmmaker with a horse adopted from Colorado Horse Rescue

A msutang story

The mustang colt where the film  began.

Filmmaker Mara LeGrand and an adopted mustang – buckskin colt. Mara  wears Ben Knight Horse necklace with an american mustang.

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