Wild Horse Resources

American Wild Horse Preservation Petition Site – Petition to stop Round-ups, biased studies and long term holding of America’s wild horses.

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign – Up to Date News, Resources and Activism

Animal Law Coalition – Advocates for animals to live and live free of cruelty and neglect

Animals Angels – This animal rights organization provided footage for Wild Horses In Winds of Change.
Animals Angels – European site.

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary – Dayton Hyde has created a sustainable solution for hundreds of wild horses. He is featured in the film.



Humane Society – Provided free footage for the film: Wild Horses In Winds of Change.

International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros – Karen Sussman directs the organization originally started by Wild Horse Annie. aka Velma Johnson. She has hundreds of horses to feed, and always needs donations to further her rescue and herd study efforts.

Lanny and Logan Leach Horsemanship – A father, son horse training team, featured in the film as they train a wild mustang in ninety days.

Madeleine Pickens – Madeleine Pickens has the heart, the will, the clout and the money to help save thousands of America’s mustangs.

Michael Blake – Michael Blake is a tireless poet and protector and influential advocate for America’s wild horses.

Mustang Heritage Foundation – Mustang Adoption: Event Organizers contracted by the Bureau of Land Management to auction off mustangs trained in ninety days.

Mystic Horse – Focus is enhancing the relationships and health of animals and their people, and strengthen the human and animal bond.

Western Water Sheds – Working to Protect and Restore Western Watersheds and Wildlife.

Wild Shots – Claude Steelman has adopted two mustangs and is the man who originally approached me about making a film about them.

Wind Horse Relations – Mary Lee Brighton directs Windhorse Relations using American Wild Horses to teach humans how to create willing relationships. She is also one of Utah’s top equestrian trainers and founded Brighton meadows. Windhorse Relations™ is a non-profit corporation that partners with the American Wild Horse to teach humans how to create willing relationships.

WindhorseOne Studios – Susan Williams: Equine Fine Art Photography

Zuma’s Rescue Ranch – Jodi Messenich works with husband Paul Messenich and daughter Tori to rescue mares and foals and help disadvantaged children learn patience and respect by interacting with recovering horses. Jodi Messenich is featured in the film.

Skydancer Production Links

Heart and Soil Film – Mara LeGrand’s documentary about local food and sustainable agriculture.

LeGrand Construction – Initial financing help came through donations from LeGrand Construction, an eco-conscious builder with over thirty years experience.

Rick LeGrand Photography – Rick LeGrand captures nature at its most eloquent.

Organic Farming Blog – Mara LeGrand’s Blog on organic farming

Skydancer Productions – Mara LeGrand’s Production company website

Other Links

Laurence Sarezky – Laurence Sarezky, writer, director also composed music for “Wild Horses In Winds of Change.”

Pet News and Views – Michele C Hollow covers the positive side of animal welfare, pet care, wildlife issues and people who work with and for animals and animal nonprofits.

www.TheLastGoodHorse.com David Martin Anderson author of The Last Good Horse.

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