Why help? Time is of the essence. We must get the word out. Wild Horses In Winds of Change, is a thirty minute documentary that effectively informs, educates, and stimulates awareness and interest in helping America’s Wild horses. Under current management, thousands will meet a dreadful fate. They are America’s horses: public horses on public land so we, as part of a democracy are supposed to have a say.

  • Sponsor and Organize a Screening Event in your area.Contact Mara to discuss how and why.
  • Buy a Banner on the website and at the end of the film.
  • Sponsor a contest, split proceeds with mustang non-profit of your choice.
  • Sponsor publicity for the film – tag your advertising into the interviews and media.
  • NonProfits – Profit from this film through event screenings / share profits.
  • Sponsor publicity and costs of film festivals: help with one at a time or be a major sponsor for exposure at all festivals.
    1. Art – Offer your services or funding for posters, DVD covers, design ads, etc.
      Broadcast sponsorship: Cable TV and Local PBS channels.
      Broadcast Advertising: Varies
      Buy all rights to the film and get it out to the world every way you can.
      Order Heart & Soil film – to support Skydancer Productions other films.
      Pay Pal – Make a donation. Everything helps.

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