The Wild Horses in Winds of Change film could not have happened without the dedication and commitment of the following sponsors and contributors:

Rick LeGrand Photography  – Provided a number of still photographs.

WindhorseOne: Susan Williams   I took Susan and Brad to photograph the horses at Spring Creek Basin in Disappointment Valley.  I took video as she took stills.  She then donated some of those photos along with several more of her haunting mustang photos to be used in the film.  Chrome is a stallion from that herd, and her photography of him is the cover photo for the DVDS and branding image for the film.

WildShots:Claude Steelman  — Claude offered a few of his images for the film.

Marshall Riggans – Suggested an “open” for the film,

Larry Sarezky– began helping the film by writing original music and working with a technician to record the music.  He worked closely with the sound engineer  through the first version as a volunteer music director.  His company “When We Were Nine Productions” paid for the costs involved with readying the film for PBS.  Because of his offerings I offered him a Co -Producer credit on the PBS version of the film.

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