Welcome to the winning stories and essays from Voice For the Horse Writing Contest.   The finalists win a Wild Horses In Winds of Change DVD.  Welcome To Voice For The Horse ~ Hello, my name is Yvonne Allen and I will be your host for the 1st Annual VFTH Children’s Writing Competition ~ Subject Wild Horses that we have just launched across North America (Canada & the United States). We invite all children to participate and look forward to many submissions where you help share our love for horses across North America! The passion that we share for all horses extends to the wild mustang, our wild and feral horses  and of course to all our domesticated equines that work to serve us in the show ring, no horse is exempt! This writing competition was inspired by Atticus, the Wild Stallion of Deadman Valley, British Columbia, Canada rescued by CritterAid / Project Equus from the interior of British Columbia. I am pleased that CritterAid / Project Equus is excited about the program I have developed and VFTH extends an invitation to other Wild Horse Organizations across North America to jump on board as well  so that we may feature the work it is that you do also.

Mara LeGrand says,

Yvonne  Allen is very excited about launching this writing competition for children. Visit to learn more and get your students and children involved in writing about wild horses and burros.  This is  a wonderful project to use in coordination with using Wild Horses In Winds of Change for classroom screening.  I rate the content of the film as PG 13,  not because it’s gorey or violent, but because the subject matter is complex and can feel over-whelming.

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